LET’S GET ARTSY: Caroline Wright

Hey, y’all! Where did the weekend go? I went to two wedding showers this weekend and both were so incredibly fun, but the time passed way too fast for me. I hope you all had a great couple of days off as well.

So, Brian and I are working hard to draw up plans for a small guest house design that we can live in for a few years until we are ready to build our main house. It is still a few months away from the guest house commencement, but being a designer I can’t help but skip ahead to decorating the interior of this fun little house that we hope to use as an event room for when we host parties. I really love art and while in college I have had my fair share of studying art for the meaning behind the work and the history of art itself. Lets face it, sometimes you don’t care if there is a hidden meaning you just want to look at something pretty. I love these paintings by Caroline Wright. Obviously they are so attractive because of her use of color. However, I also think it is the way she gives so much layering and depth to each piece. I want one in each room one day!


2 thoughts on “LET’S GET ARTSY: Caroline Wright

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