Rise and shine! I hope you are having a great week so far! Brian went back to Kansas so that means I reside in town until he comes back home. Yesterday, while driving my usual backroad route to get to town I noticed that the weesatch are starting to bloom as well. As most of you know, weesatch is not a pretty tree, in fact, it is down right ugly. It is deemed more of a nuisance to land owners since it is extremely hard to get rid of and has thorns so big they can puncture your tire. As as matter of fact, I have a slow leak in one of my tires that we are blaming on the weesatch. Before yesterday, I cannot remember a time I have ever noticed the blooms on this particular tree. I think this is the only time where I will cut it some slack because the bright yellow flowers it produces are quite attractive when viewed up close. Here is a simple DIY arrangement using the blooming branches of the weesatch and pittosporum. One reason why I love to make wild flower arrangements is because there are no particular rules to follow when it comes to arranging. My goal is to place them in the vase so they look unstructured and natural. Also, if you are going to attempt using the weesatch, keep your gloves handy because those thorns can be bad news! Have a great day everyone!



  1. Thanks to your post, I noticed the yellow blooms all over the place on the way to Victoria this morning. Never before in my life had I paid attention to the fact that those ugly weesatch trees actually bloom….and, I agree, they are actually kind of pretty!!

  2. Thanks for the comments, Leah and Morgan! I’m glad you liked the arrangement. I have been thinking about doing a flower arrangement for a while and wanted it to be a little different. I think weesatch is about as different as it gets. Thanks again and have a good day!

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