A very good morning to you today!  I hope you slept well and are ready for a great day ahead.  My goal with this blog is to genuinely showcase my individual perspective with a focus on southern living.  I am trying to re-post from other blogs as little as possible OR at least give time between the original post and my post.  However, while checking my usual daily reads I saw a post that came from SF Girl by Bay and decided that I wanted to share it immediately.

In college, it was required that I take a furniture and construction course for my interior design degree.  I truly love the idea behind learning to make furniture but actually building it is another story.  I did end up constructing a tv stand that I needed for my apartment at the time.  Was it good? Eh, it was ok.  Could I have done better?  Probably.  But you have to understand how difficult it really is to make something out of wood.  Especially when there is so much precision needed to make it just perfect because trust me, you cannot fudge a little when the wood is not the exactly length you need it to be.  Oops you cut a little too much, guess what, you have to recut and you wasted a perfectly good piece of wood.

Anyway, Brian and I both talked a lot about making furniture one day, but I do not think it is my cup of tea. However, I can totally appreciate the hard work behind it.  Here is a girl who took word working by the horns and is running with it.  I’m thoroughly impressed and really, really, really want one of her tables!

This is the work of Ariele Alasko.

<images via Brooklyn to West>


  1. Didn’t you have the piece of wood strapped to the top of your car? And it flew off on the highway? Best TV stand ever!

    Sign me up for a nice wood wall like the one in the final photo. Beautiful!

    • YES! Oh, and I forgot to mention to everyone when buying supplies make sure you have a truck to load the wood. Ford Escapes do not work very well! 🙂 Too funny! Thanks for remembering that, Tory T. Maybe we will try a wall like that in your home one day.

  2. It can be hard sometimes not to just repost from other blogs, so I totally commend you on that. In regards to the post, I love this too! I had a brief brush with woodworking and the creative part of me loved it, but the impatient part of me did not lol. Anyway, great blog – looking forward to seeing more!

    • Hi, Jennifer! Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and for your comments. I appreciate your time and hope you can come back to visit! Have a fabulous weekend!

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