Good morning, y’all!  I am in an extra good mood today because I am loving the time change.  I have been complaining to Brian about needing extra daylight in the evenings since time changed last November.

Speaking of Brian, I have a great post for you today.  Most of my readers already know Brian, but for those of you that do not, he is my husband and another natural southern cook.  He has the patience in the kitchen that I wish I had.  His latest challenge is coming up with the best pork rib recipe.  Now, I understand that other states take their BBQ seriously but I really feel like Texans almost make BBQ an art form.  It has to be just perfect or else it is almost an insult to give it to another person (or at least that is what is going on in our neighborhood).  So, I am proud to announce that we have a new series of posts that showcase our trial and error to achieve BBQ perfection!  Is the secret in the sauce or the rub?  We will find out!

(Recipes will be posted at the discretion of Brian who is particularly particular about his BBQ)

TRIAL No. 1 Sweet & Spicy Chipotle


GOAL: Brian is on a quest to utilize chipotle peppers to the fullest (one of his favs).  He wants a slight sweetness but a powerful bite of spice at the finish.  Since his stay in Kansas, he is triggering a Kansas City rub but added more pepper to make it a little more Texan.  He liked the Kansas City rub because it introduces cumin, one of the ingredients he claims “makes” his famous beans.  However, that is another post.

Rub 1: THE BIG GUYS: Rudy’s BBQ Rub & Maeker’s BBQ rub (Commercial seasonings)

Rub 2: BRIAN’S CONCOCTION: Kosher Salt, Paprika, Cayenne, Cumin, Black Pepper, White Pepper, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Chili Powder, Brown Sugar, Hickory Smoke Rub

We have four different rib varieties.  Brian paired Rub 1+Molasses sauce, Rub 1+brown sugar sauce, Rub 2 + Molasses sauce, Rub 2 + brown sugar sauce.


Brian:  Just scraps… had to rush them… They were ok. The hint of sweetness was there, but I need a little more tang and more kick at the end. I liked the subtleness of the Kansas inspired rub, but next time… less cumin, more pepper, and perhaps some fresh lemon juice and a little less sweetness in the sauce.

Hailey:  Wow!  All 4 ribs are SO good!  It is really hard for me to pick because I like them all for totally different reasons.  I think we both came to the conclusion that we like the cumin addition but it could be a little less overpowering.  I originally liked the “big guy” rub and I think the reason is because it was saltier; however, I think it is a safe way to marinate a piece of meat.  The cumin took the ribs to another level!

We will be back with another rib trial and error soon!  Have a great Monday everyone!


4 thoughts on “BBQ RIBS CHALLENGE

  1. Thanks for the comments! They turned out really good. Tory, I’m sure he would be happy to teach you and I think I could use a few pointers as well! Oh, let’s quit kidding ourselves, he would be showing us how and we would be talking too much to learn anything.

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