Hey, y’all!  It is Wednesday and you can start to feel good because it is nothing but a downhill slope to get to the weekend!  To get you through the rest of this week and many more to come, I have a fun new series of posts that I am calling our “Wine Wednesday Series!”

In a previous post, I stated that Brian and I were thinking about which grape varieties will grow best for us and can survive the Texas heat and humidity.  In order to learn about what we want to attempt to grow, we needed to do some research.  Let me paint the scene for you…

Brian and I head to Houston one weekend and decide that in order to understand what we wanted to grow we needed to be able to determine what wines we prefer to drink.  We drive downtown to the Specs warehouse (because 2,000 wines in a regular Specs store are not enough, we prefer 40,000 to choose from {insert sarcasm}).  We go inside and find the wine section, which is about the size of a small house.  Immediately I feel overwhelmed.  Do you know the feeling?  The labels seem to all look the same and after about ten minutes, you’re lost!

After wandering up and down the aisles, an employee finally brought us to the Texas wine section.  Texas offers an impressive selection of wine, most of which I had never experienced.  When I purchased wine in the past, I would typically buy a Chardonnay, Cabernet, or Pinot Grigio.  I am not a wine expert…yet, but I am determined to learn all I can and figure out what wines we are not drinking but should!  My goal through these posts is to give those that are not wine savvy a little more confidence when choosing their next bottle.  A toast to our first Wine Wednesday together!

Ah, the Dolcetto (Dohl-CHET-toh)!  I am deeming this wine a new favorite.  This dry wine is described as having a black cherry and licorice flavor with a hint of almond in the finish.  Now, my palate is not refined enough to be able to pick out all those flavors.  To be honest, cherry and licorice do not even sound good to me.  I wrote down in my notes that I tasted a hint of raspberry.  Contradictory to what I have read, I think the Dolcetto has a mild transition from dry to sweet that happens as soon as it sits on the tongue for a few seconds and lingers once swallowed.  Give this wine a try and let me know what you think!



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