Hooray!  We are back with another Wine Wednesday post!

The Roussanne comes from a white grape that is described as having an herbal tea aroma and a citrusy taste.  Other research outlets described the aroma the same but stated that you should taste pear flavors as well.  In my opinion, I have to agree with the citrus flavors, not so much the pear.

I tried the Roussanne from two different wineries and in both cases I described it as tasting slightly like wassail (yes, the Christmas drink).  I think that is my way of saying I concur with tasting the citrus flavors.  Honestly, the more I drink this wine the more fond I become of it. And no, I do not mean the more wine I drink in one sitting, because after a bottle I think anything would start to taste better!

If you are having a dinner party soon, I think this would be such a great choice for an outside affair to be served with fish, lemon pepper chicken, or a nice salad. (That is what the bottle said too, but I am not going to quote it because I honestly wrote this part in my own notes.  You will have to take my word for it!)  Give it a try and let me know how you like it!


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