Happy Wednesday!  You know what today is…

The Tempranillo.  I am tipping my hat to the Tempranillo and calling it my “Cowboy of Wines.”  The aroma is a little rugged at first but everything else is so smooth!  I have previously tasted Tempranillos before and maybe you have too.  It seems pretty prevalent on many wine tasting lists in the Texas Hill Country and since it is a Spanish wine it fits right in with our Texas culture.  Most bottles of the Tempranillo I have tasted are full-bodied red wines that have an oaky taste and a fruity aroma.  The Tempranillo I sampled last night had a hint of jalapeño that gave it an aroma that made you a little nervous (I kind of liked that about it) but as soon as you took a drink it had a great flavor and was so smooth.  I mentioned in Wine Wednesday No. 1 that the Dolcetto may be my new fav, well I am rewriting the books right now and going with my Cowboy of Wines, y’all!  Ladies, have a man who does not like wine?  Make him throw a steak on the grill and give him a glass of the Tempranillo, I think he will kick up his boots for this one!


2 thoughts on “WINE WEDNESDAY SERIES No. 3

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