Hooray, we are halfway through the week and it is time to introduce another wine.  This one threw me for a loop so my recommendation is a little lengthy.  Hang in there!

Blanc du bois (BLAHNK du bwah)- The Blanc du bois is a white grape that was created in Florida.  The reason for breeding this grape is because the humid gulf region is highly susceptible to Pierce’s Disease which is a bacteria that attacks the grapes’ vines and kills the entire plant.  This would be an excellent variety for Brian and me to grow being that we live in southeast Texas.

I have experienced two opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to Blanc du bois wines.  My first bottle was EXTREMELY sweet. I don’t fancy those sweet wines so I was a little put off.  However, my mom gave Brian and me a membership to a Texas Wine of the Month Club (thanks, Mom) and we received a bottle of Blanc du bois a couple of days ago.  I figured I would use it as my choice wine this week to attract my sweetie pie wine drinkers.  However, you can imagine my surprise when the bottle said “dry table wine.”  I was a little confused so I had to do a little research.

The Blanc du bois is a muscat grape hybrid which is known to produce a sweet, dessert wine.  I am assuming one winery upped the sugar levels and made their wine sweet whereas most wineries utilize the Blanc du bois as a dry table wine.  After reading this information, I can definitely recognize the potential for a dessert wine behind this grape but I prefer the table wine better.

Now, on to my review.  This bottle I am critiquing has a pleasant aroma which I would describe as pear-like.  It really is such a pretty smell!  The flavor is a little different; but, what really catches my attention is the way it almost has the attributes of a sparkling wine.  There is nothing bubbly about the texture of the liquid but as you take a sip it really sparkles on tongue. Remember, I am not an expert but I would have a hard time trying to pair this wine with a food.  I say enjoy a nice bottle of Blanc du bois with great conversation!

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