Hey, folks!  Don’t you just love a good love story?  I also love it when a bride and groom provides lots of personal details foreshadowing their big day.  A little information about how the couple’s love blossomed, mixed with details about their up coming nuptials is so great!  Here are two of my favorite new ways to give your guest some wedding day info.

Hey, destination wedding couple!  This is a fun idea for you.  Twenty Pages allows you to design your own magazine that provides your  guest with all the wedding information they will need and much more!  Your magazine will showcase a few items off your gift registry, your love story, the fabulous wedding party, and of course the weekend agenda.  I could see myself reading this cute little number catching up on the happy couple’s history, on the beach, of course!

Next we move on to our smart phones, people.  How many times are you on the way to a wedding and needed to know the address or the name of the venue and, oops, you forgot the invitation?  Well, brides to be, your guest will have to fret no more, there’s an app for that!  Yes, that is correct.  You can have your very own wedding app from the Appy Couple….that name is just too cute!

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