Good morning, y’all!  I have heard through the grapevine (no pun intended) that some were sad that I missed two weeks of our Wine Wednesday series.  I am thrilled that it is getting such a great response!  I missed one week because I was under the weather and last week was our Wedding focused week.  Fear not,  we are back with another great wine for you to try.

The Claret (KLARR-ət) wine is classified as a Bordeaux that originally received its name from the French word “clairet,” meaning pale.  Over time, the Claret has grown darker in color.  The bottle I sampled was from Becker Vineyards right here in Texas.  I thought it was a very delicious red wine that smelled of oak, berries, and obtained a slightly floral fragrance.  The taste was a little spicy with a smooth finish.  If you like a Cabernet Sauvignon then you would like this wine.  I would definitely keep a few bottles of Claret in your cellar because it is sure to be a crowd pleaser!

Do you love visiting wineries?  Becker Vineyards is a really fun winery to visit if you are in the Fredericksburg area.  Also, Becker has their own lavender fields!  I am always interested in new wine tours.  Do you know of any wineries that you would recommend?

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