GOOD MORNING!!!  I am so excited for today’s post because I have my great gal pals back for another fun Southern Belle post for y’all!  Today we are talking about what books/magazines we currently have our noses in.  I hate to admit it, but I do judge a book by its cover.  I want to read a beautiful story but I tend to judge based on my approval of the cover.  Sad, but true!  That’s why I love good recommendations.  Here are our favorite/current reads!

I’ve discovered that it’s bad news to leave books on my nightstand. Y’all, I’m one of those people that gets engrossed and must know what happens in the next chapter. Results: Staying up way too late during the week and baggy eyes at work. Please tell me y’all have been there before.
So I prefer to indulge in magazines instead to help me wind down in the evenings. My absolute favorite is Real Simple magazine. I find myself loving everything from cover to cover. They have struck the balance between practicality and still making everything look really beautiful–decor, clothing, recipes. All very accessible. And their organizing tips…AMAZING! I can’t recommend it enough and swear you’ll be just as hooked as I am every month. The only downfall is I don’t have a subscription, so I usually end up stealing my sister’s copy. Anyone out there want to help me fix that? 🙂
Not a darn thing!  I finished 4 Blondes by Candace Bushnell two weeks ago and it was alright.  She wrote the Sex and the City series, but this was not her best work.
Hey, friends!  Nothing gets me more excited than when I see that my J. Crew Style Guide is in the mail.  I am obsessed with J. Crew clothing and I love checking out how they mix and match all the fun, bright colors.  I can honestly say that this is the one read I always look forward to flipping through.
My favorite go to, have to read, absolutely LOVE magazine is…dun, da, dun…Southern Living.  Surprise, surprise, right y’all?  This month as I was reading the beautiful pages front to back I saw that this month’s “dishing with…”  (“Dishing with” is a Q&A with some of the South’s best of the best) feature is NICHOLAS SPARKS!  Ok, girls I know your hearts just skipped a beat because this is the man who brought us our generation’s most incredible Southern love stories.  Maybe you remember a little book/movie called The Notebook…um, yeah I thought so!  So, when Southern Living asked him what his favorite set-in-the South novel is, don’t you know I got on Amazon and ordered it right then.  Nicholas’ response to the question was To Dance with the White Dog.  I am not too far into the book just yet, but I can say that I wanted to shed a tear by page 6!  You can see the full Q&A with Nicholas HERE!

One thought on “THE BELLES ARE BACK

  1. Thanks to Hailey and her gal pals for their favorite reads! Some are old favorites of mine and some are new to me! So, looks like I will have some new ones to explore this summer!

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