Hey, y’all!  It has been a week since my last post but to me it feels like a lot longer.  I guess I just needed a new view to get me inspired.  Last week I was in Sweetwater, Tx with Brian and on our way back home we stopped in Fredericksburg to have lunch and visit a few wineries.  You will be happy to know that I have stocked up on some new wines so our Wine Wednesday’s will be fresh with a focus more on the wine’s origin vs. the specific grape varietal.  Should be fun!  Here are a few pictures from our little trip.

We stopped at three wineries we have never been to before:  Grape Creek Vineyards, Hilmy Cellars, & William Chris Vineyards.  All three were GREAT yet very different.

Grape Creek Vineyards prides itself on being a Tuscan style winery in Texas.  Check out their website, you can buy a few their wines online!    Definitely worth it!

Hilmy Cellars was my favorite!  They just opened up their winery but the wines are superior.  I also really enjoyed the atmosphere they created.  It has a contemporary meets southwestern design (see below) and a laid back environment.  The staff was super friendly and I cannot wait to see what their wine maker has in store for the future.

William Chris Vineyards was our last stop and Brian really enjoyed their wines.  This little winery has a rustic feel to it.  They took an old cabin built in the late 1800’s and really fixed it up.  They used old doors as their ceiling in one room (see picture below) which I thought was so creative.  You can also buy their wines on their website.  Our William Chris recommendations:  The Hunter &  Mary Ruth

The interesting thing about these wineries is they all have no intention of putting their wines on the shelves of major retailers.  These are small, intimate businesses that want to keep their wines as true to the vines as possible.  We learned that with a lot of the major wine labels they have to put a lot of additives in their wines to keep them tasting the same every time.  As a result, it becomes a doctored up version of what it was intended to be.

We really enjoyed our little tour.  Hopefully we can go back in the next few months and try out several more!  Have a great day everyone!

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