Good morning, everyone!  You know what today is….

YAY! It is another fabulous Wine Wednesday, friends!  I mentioned in Monday’s post that the next couple of wine posts will be focusing more on specific bottles vs. the broad grape varieties, but today’s post should be the last for a while that focus specifically on the grape.  Let’s get started!

Viognier (Vee-yoh-N’YAY) .  A Viognier wine is a white wine that seems to be a little high maintenance.  To grow Viognier grapes is a challenge due to the fact that they mold extremely easy and they can only be picked when the grape is at the perfect maturation.  This is not a wine for the cellars, folks.  After about three years, the Viognier looses its signature floral flavors and can fall a little flat.  Go ahead and indulge if you buy a bottle and enjoy at the peak of freshness.  You will notice slight floral aromas and a really light, smooth taste and finish.  This would be a great wine served chilled on a hot summer day.  VOILA! That is the Viognier, my friends!  Enjoy!

VIOGNIER RECOMMENDATION: Grape Creek Vineyards Viognier

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